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Thank you for visiting my web site.

This page is a way to give pastors and leaders a way to show their support for a candidate that follows Biblical core values. If  you have not read my core values, they can be found by clicking here. You can also read my bio by clicking here.

My goal is to for leaders in the church to become accountability partners with me. I recognize that someday we will leave this great state to the next generation, and I’m asking church leaders to partner with me to insure our children and grandchildren enjoy the same values and freedoms we love about our state.

As a pastor and leader, if my values represent the Biblical values you feel an elected official should have, I am asking that you leave a note of support.

Thank you

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Having known the Strohm family through church connections, I was delighted to hear that Angela is running for office. I have also become better acquainted

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