Religious Freedom on School Campuses

When I read the Founding Fathers design for public schools, I understand that Biblical Truth was the foundation for Education. The Bible was read as a practice for reading and for the understanding of morality and the way we should live. These are historical facts and anyone that does not believe the intent of the Founding Fathers to include Biblical Truth in education has not read their writings.

We need to move toward Biblical Truth and not away from it. What’s wrong with teaching kids that we don’t steal, lie, hit, etc. because there is a Higher Power to whom we are accountable to. When you teach that there are consequences for the things you do, a child may think twice before doing it. The Bible was taught since the mid 16oo’s in our public-school systems and until the 1960’s when the Bible was removed from our schools, the worst behavior in schools were very minor like gum chewing and getting out of line. The biggest nation-wide problems teachers complain about today are kids being defiant, fighting, bullying, skipping classes, experimenting with drugs or alcohol, stealing, pornography, violence, bad language, etc. and this information was collected through national polling of our public-school teachers.

You may not like the Bible in schools but here’s the honest truth: The Bible brings a stability in the behavior of all people. All you have to do is go back to the mid 1900’s discipline issues and ask the question: “What changed?” The answer is the removal of the Bible and the Biblical morality that was taught in our public schools. The model now is the humanistic view of do whatever makes you feel happy; there is no God to be accountable to.

Some schools do teach morality, but it is based on the culture and not on Biblical standards. When morality is not based on Biblical standards, the same issue arises: there is no Higher Power to be accountable to. This actually brings unhappiness and confusion. True happiness comes from right living and right living comes from knowing there is a God that loves you but also knows everything that you do.

The other issue facing our schools is the LGBT issue. Our state is in a crossroad on this issue. This state is in the early stages of implementing an egregious LGBT agenda into our school districts. The agenda is laid out in the following link from the Oklahoma Department of Education’s office – the same department of education that is responsible for all public education in Oklahoma:

We need to be vigilant in protecting our kids and this agenda does not represent Oklahoma or Biblical values. This needs to stop and our State Superintendent (Joy Hofmeister) needs to hear your voice on this issue. Someday we will all face God, and we need to understand that we will be accountable for what we do and do not allow our kids to learn or be influenced by. We must not sit idly by and watch – it’s time to get involved and change the direction our state and nation’s morals are heading in.